From Ristorante del Buon Ricordo to Fast Food

Toscana Ristorante Venezia

The Fiaschetteria Toscana restaurant has been around for 60 years on a small street between San Marco and Fondamenta Nove. It was a proud member of the association I Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo, living up to the standards of the organization. Good food, prepared in the traditional manner, in house sommelier, and the wonderful memoir of a small plate (the “ricordo part) with handprinted picture of the restaurant and it’s organization number and sometimes other small drinking glasses, all memories of a great meal served in elegance. It also found its place in the Michelin Guide Red Book of Italian Restaurants. Generations have grown up going to this restaurant.

Il Ristorante del Buon Ricordo

After two years of deliberation the owners Busato and their son Stefano, threw in the “sponge” (towel) a few weeks ago, citing the increasing cost of doing business in Venice, lamenting the fact that tourist seldom want to spend the time, much less the money to enjoy eating there. (A typical meal would take about 3 hours – no one ever left hungry! But surely it should take as long to eat as it does to prepare?)

Their careful preparation began with the selection of fresh fish every morning at the fish market, vegetables from the estuary and their passion which turned these ingredients into food fit for a Doge. True to form they held a parting dinner for some of their favorite customers to enjoy for one last time.

And now reportedly it will become a Burger King. This information I got from a family member as it has not been announced, but I have seen the architects in the restaurant measuring….even the lovely old coffee machine still sits there….cold.

Architects instead of Chiefs!

Instead of a lovely piece of pottery to remember eating in Venice, I suppose you will get a paper crown from the king of burgers!

And they call this progress?

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