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Venice has been our home-away-from-home since the early 90s when we began importing Murano Glass to sell in the US. Working there several times each year has given us an insight into not only the city but the people. We came to know and love the Glass, the people and the culture of this exquisite city. As our friends say in Italy, “Venezia e unica.”  (meaning there is only one Venice)

We hope to share with you our views of Venice and help you as a visitor in this amazing city to know a little more about it, appreciate it’s beauty, it’s people and it’s history. And we’ll visit some sights nearby, things you could do on a day trip from Venice.

Our Murano Glass beads can be seen on our online site at VenetianBeadShop.com and our site with the beautiful glass blown in Murano at VenetianGlassArt.com. We also have a shop on Etsy.com VenetianGlassBeads

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