Not So Acqua Alta in San Marco Square


Barefoot in the Square

One of my favorite things in Venice, though certainly not any Venetian’s favorite thing is Acqua Alta or high tides that flood the city, creeping in silently. My phone app called “hi!tide Venice” notified me there would be a slightly high tide in San Marco at 1:30 pm on Sunday.  San Marco is the lowest point in the city so even a rise of 105 Centimeters the water begins seeping up through the pavement in the square. (To the left of the barefoot lady are the passageways normally put out so people can walk. This one was small enough they considered it unnecessary to set up the passageways.)

So with no time to find my boots I headed for San Marco Square where the water was already flooding in and barefoot tourist were enjoying the moment. Normally teaming with pigeons and vendor carts, it’s empty and the seagulls have appeared.

Sea Gulls – Not Pigeons

Throw Away Boots!

Good natured tourist know this is a unique experience and one they will talk about forever. 10 Euro is little to pay for this adventure. Though I am really torn about how this adds to Venice’s trash!

Umbrellas are the Big Seller of the Day!

The entire flooding last only a few hours and as silently as it came, it departed leaving an empty square and tourist with plastic boots!

Just a few puddles






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