Tourist in Venice – Bad Behavior, Entitled and Uncaring

OK, so let me rant about the annoying behavior of so many tourist: the complete lack of courtesy. Where were their mothers?

The vaporetto is the ONLY method of transportation for Venetians. Whether it is going to the grocery store, doctor, hospital, hair dresser, shopping, visiting family, soccer games, they MUST take the vaporetto. So many tourist feel privileged that they block the entrances. The poor guy who opens the gate is constantly having to move tourist hanging over to make a photo or just wanting to stand in the loading zone. They swing their huge backpacks around wiping our swaths of little old ladies, blocking the entrances and sitting in the seats marked for the fragile in the community.

At first I attributed to lack of understanding the language but this summer I came to the conclusion that they feel like when they bought their airline or train ticket, they bought entrance to Venice like they would at an amusement park and that everyone was there to make them have an enjoyable time.

Vaporetto – our Bus

But just in case, let me explain to you for your next trip to Venice what the signs on the seats in the Vaporetto mean.

Translation of the Vaporetto Rules

When the ACTV employee asked a young, healthy (clearly not any of the above) American girl to put her luggage below in the space marked for luggage. She yelled back “That is not logical, I would only have to bring it back up.”

What she failed to realize is that by standing up with her luggage in front of the steps, she made everyone have to move around her, that includes all those people you see on the special signs: Mothers, Grandmothers, people with canes or crutches.

Venice is NOT Disneyland. You cannot expect the locals to cater to you. Venice as a city is over 1200 years old; the buildings that you enjoy seeing today are up to 800 years old. Behave as a guest, your privilege is to be able to enjoy this beautiful, fragile city.