Venice Searching for Customers

Panorama of Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco

As Venice goes into yet another lockdown, there are two views. Once is that Venetians have reclaimed their city. The canals are reflecting pools. The birds and fish are thriving. However, pleasant as this sounds, the flip side is that shops, restaurants, bars are closed meaning less work for the locals. If they depended at all on tourist or the local workers, they have no business. Other establishments have limited capacity and hours.

Here are a few other views of Piazza San Marco rarely seen. Because I normally walk at dawn and dust since these are the best time for photos and reflections, I see it vacant often. But in the middle of the day – Never!

Looking out from the Piazza

A few people showed up, not likely they are tourist.

Along the waterfront at the Doges Palace

This is a rare view, no gondolieri, no stands selling sweatshirts, little souvenirs, paintings. Well that is because there are no people to buy them.

Empty Piazza

Even the pigeons have fled as no one is selling seed and feeding them. The police don’t have to scare away the guys selling seed.

Caffè Florian

Caffè Florian is a symbol of Venice, the place where high society took their coffee. It was opened on December 29, 1720 by Floriano Francesconi. It is well worth the high prices you pay there to enjoy a bit of the history of Venice and the live bands that play to the tourist…But that will have to wait.

Shops Closed

Many of these closed shops may not re-open. They are facing rents to be re-negotiated, or paid even without tourist to support the extraordinary rents along the square.

Looking for Customers

I think this sign on a sidewalk pretty well sums up all of Venice and Murano (along with the other islands) at the moment.

It says “Searching for Customers – Even the inexperienced” Thank heavens the Italians still have a sense of humor.