Traveling to Venice in the Age of COVID

Venice Gondolas

Enjoy the view along the Grand Canal

I am delighted to be back in Venice, a little work, a little enjoying my friends. But getting here was on the stressful side. So I will share what I learned if you are coming from outside the European Union.

These are the things you must have:

  • Green Pass ( it is digital in Europe but if you reside in the US, your hard copy of the proof of vaccine is good and works at airports, museums, restaurants etc. I put my vaccine card in a plastic holder to keep it safe and so it doesn’t become worn, perfect since I am whipping it out many times each day.
  • COVID Test results. This is a bit complicated as to enter Italy your test results must be within 72 hours of your arrival – NOT your departure…so you first need to adjust for the travel time. For me that is 16+ hours from California to Venice. So that left 56 hours. My arrival was at 2:05 pm in Italy so I had to have the test performed and results back by then. It takes about 2-3 hours to get the results, so I needed them before the flight. I made an appointment for noon the day before and had my results by 5 pm. PRINT this document, make several copies and present at chec-in.
  • Introducing the EUdPLF (the European Union Digital Passenger Locator Form). You fill this out online at  It is a bit of chicken and egg because you must have your seat assignment and all the flight information before you can complete. EUdPLF
    • Hint: It took me a good hour to complete because it continued to tell me I could not arrive before I left ;>) Because I left Frankfort at 12:45 pm and would arrive in Venice at 2:05. I failed to understand that the EUdPLF is on 24 hour clock (even though it showed the correct time zone, it does not do the math) So using the 24 hour clock I would arrive at 14:05 in Venice.
    • Print this document, make a photo of the QR Code and do not loose. This is their method of contact tracing so if you happened to sit near someone who contracted covid they could find you. Makes perfect sense, it is just a big obtuse.
  • Expect long waits at check-in counters in the US. They must verify all the above documents in addition to your passport, etc.
  • Masks You need a N95 or KN95 for fly Lufthansa. And you must wear except while eating, drinking.
  • On the Airplane: Do not expect anything to be the same as your last European flight. Service is limited and food choices are limited. The flight attendant suggested that I get several wines as they would not be coming through many times.
  • Temperature Checks: Expect these most places, in addition to showing your vaccine proof.

View from Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal

    • To go in any shop, restaurant, bar, you must wear a mask. I have not be requested to show my Green Pass, but they have every right to ask for it and to refuse service if you do not provide.
    • To enter into a museum, church or bank you must have a Green Pass or your Vaccine Card
    • You must wear a mask at all times on the vaporetto. Please do not object, the poor people who work for ACTV are just doing their job.
    • Temperature checks at most public places.
  • Departing Venice
    • You will once again need a Covid Test. In Venice it is easily done at the train station with results in just a few minutes.
    • You will once again need to complete a EUdPLF
    • Don’t forget your Green Pass or your vaccine card.

Cruise Ship Departing Venice