Today in Venice 6 Cruise Ships!

It’s Saturday and all our suppliers have taken the day off, so we are playing tourists.

People Mover - Pizzale Roma to Maritime & TronchettoThere are 6 large cruise ships in the Maritime harbor, meaning there are thousands of tourist for the day. Since I’ve never been there, we took a trip on the “People Mover” – looks like a tram to me! It runs from Pizzale Roma to Tronchetto, stopping at Maritime – carrying cruise bound tourist loaded with enough luggage to spend the winter. But the port is prepared for this volume Baggage Waiting to go to Ships - Note the automatic equipmentas you can see here.

Most of the tourists seemed a bit confused, which is understandable, with so many ships in the port. Hope they all brought their reservations with them.Three Ships - I hope the tourist know where they are going!
Logistics is key here as everyone must get them and their luggage to and from the boats.






Cars getting on the Ferry to Lido, Venice, ItalyOnward to Tronchetto where you can take the cary ferry to Lido which takes about 30 minutes. These car ferries are dwarfed by the giant cruise ships.

Tourist Traps for sureBut wait, don’t forget your souvenir. There are tents upon tents of basically everything made in China. Funny, there was a Chinese tour shopping. Imagine they came all the way from China to buy Chinese produced Souvenirs! Sort of ironic.

More Cruise Ships in Venice, MSCFrom the canal between Venice and Giudecca, we see even more and even larger ships. It should be a good day for the Merchants of Venice!

After seeing this port, one thing is fairly clear to me. The ships will stay in Venice, and the best solution for the city is the “Crooked” Channel which brings them to this the Maritime Port. The city/region has made too much of an investment and these people mean too much money for Venice and it’s Merchants.

So Bon Voyage to all you cruisers…