Reservations and Tickets for San Marco Square??

They will need ticket machines.

They will need ticket machines.

Tourism in Venice is taking a toll on the ancient buildings and the locals. Now you may have to pay a toll to see this historic square.

This proposal was presented by Marco Scurati, a travel consultant who is hoping to convince one of the candidates for Mayor of Venice to back it. (He must somehow be related to the Ban the Trolleys sponsor, Special Commissioner Vittorio (Victor) Zappalorto). The proposal is to limit the number of people on 60-90 days each year during peak arrivals, for example during Carnevale and Redentore or other special events. Scurati proposes a cap for the number of visitors at 60,000. (What happens if you are #60,001 has not been determined.) Can you imagine arriving to be told that  “…sorry, you are #60,001 you’ll have to come back tomorrow.” a little like arriving at the pearly gates to be rejected because it’s full!

Don’t worry, if you live in Venice, work in Venice or have a hotel in Venice, you’re excluded. How they verify this has not been explained, a hotel key or apartment key? And I guess that if you are on a cruise ship or bus tour staying outside Venice, the price of your tour would include this new “tax” ticket. And does the number of these “legal” visitors decrease the number of tickets available to the average tourist? What do you do if you are coming in via airplane, train or vaporetto from other popular camping destinations like Punta Sabbioni or Treporti, well maybe they will have a ticket vendor at the airport, train station and boat stops?

My suggestion for a ticket. It should have a nice picture of San Marco

My suggestion for a ticket. It should have a nice picture of San Marco as a souvenir!

Scurati is proposing to treat San Marco Square as a living museum a monument, which is is. But what of the restaurants, stores in this museum who pay an huge ransom to have the privilege to have a space in San Marco? And how will they verify your ticket? Will the new imob machines give you the Green Light? I can only see that there will have to be many new employees to enforce the entrance.

Verify your Visit?

Verify your Visit?

A price has not been suggested for this “visit” ticket. The proceeds of the ticket would go, obviously, to the City and could represent a significant income: For example a ticket of 5 euro with an estimated 10 million tourist each year would yield about 50 million Euros. Will this new ticket offer any of the needed services for day tourist? like toilets? maybe a map? maybe a cup of cappuccino?

In some respects I like this proposal, as maybe they could eliminate the illegal vendors of seed for the pigeons, knock-off purses, and especially those annoying toy launchers of the little lights which ruin all my night pictures.

Stay tuned to learn the latest madness!