Celebrating Christmas in Venice and Murano

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Festive Lights on Lista di Spagna Venice Italy

Venetians lament that this holiday season doesn’t seem festive. The tree in San Marco is aglow in the twilight of the short days of the season. And the lights hang above Lista di Spagna, some parts of Strada Nuova and of course in San Marco.

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Holiday lights in Venice in front of DalMas Pasticceria

The tree in San Marco square was lit just before the beginning of the Giubileo in Basilic San Marco. 

San Marco Chritmas Tree

Chritmas Tree San Marco before Lighting

Unlight it is not too impressive, it takes the glow of the lights to turn this tree into magic.

Christmas Venice,Venetian Christmas,San Marco,San Marco Basicilia,Piazza San Marco

Christmas Tree San Marco Square – Sorry Night Picture

Christmas Scenes in Murano

Here’s a couple of scenes from Murano, for those of you who have been, you will recognize this as the canal when you get off the vaporetto at Colonna, to the right Fondamenta Manin, to the left Fondamenta Vetrai. A couple of brave souls wander the streets.

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Christmas in Murano 2015

Colonna,Venice,Murano,Christmas in Venice,Murano Glass Furnace,Murano Glass

Murano looking towards Venice (and Colonna on the end/right)

Murano is deserted at twilight with few tourist, mostly locals headed home from work. It is a great time to walk around, do a little window shopping and scout out the things you might want to buy. There are still several bars (places you can get coffee and spirits and make even a snack) open, and a couple of “all mens’ bars” where the factory workers gather to gossip and where if you speak Muranese, you can learn what is going on.

Close Up on Rio del Vetrai

Close Up on Rio del Vetrai

Close up the decorations which are charming from a distance appear – well just like lights on strings!

Maybe as the we get closer to the holiday, the atmosphere will improve.

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