Carnevale Venezia ’23

This year Carnevale in Venezia just made me nostalgic for past years. The public statement from Venice officials was that the restoration work in Piazza San Marco prohibited the large stage, the various exhibits. And there were tons of people who came to the square each day, some the paid costume wears and as usual a huge number of tourist. However the much anticipated events, like the Flight of the Angel and the closing ceremony with the Flight of the Leone were missing. So I am going to grumble. Below is the stage of 2013 and there were box seating in the stage. There were tables with servers. Elegant and High Class!

Venice,Carnevale Venezia,Carnevale 2023
2014 Stage in Piazza San Marco – Elegant and impressive all in wood

And we jump to 2023 with the tiny stage – still plenty of people and you can see some of the construction work in the bottom of the picture. Gone was the elegance of previous years – just a large screen and a screeching host.

One of my favorite parts of Carnevale was always the closing when the flag of La Serenissima flew and the locals sang the anthem. Hundreds of Venetians singing along to their anthem would send chills down your spine. But there was no Leone (only the one standing on the column in front of Piazza San Marco).

And so on the 21st of February 2023, only the silent sentinal, the Leone of la Serenessima was present.

The Leone of Venezia

The Flight of the Angel was moved to Mestre (the bedroom community on the mainland). Why? Well I give you a clue, it is political. The mayor of Venice does not hail from this lovely city. He does not live in this lovely city and he owns properties and interest on the mainland.

There were of course wonderful moments of 2023 and the costumes of the people hired to stroll around were amazing as usual. There were some imaginative costumes, many classical and even the dogs were dressed in costume. I loved this giraffe who sat at Caffè Lavena entertaining children and adults alike.

Below are a few of costumes I really liked and don’t get me wrong. I will continue to be at every Carnevale with my friends it will always be a celebration. And even if you go to Carnevale Venezia once in a lifetime, it is work it.