Venice Under Water Today


Today’s high tide in Venice at in the afternoon was at 156cm above sea level. That is approximately 61.4 Inches or 5.11 Feet. If you consider that the average height above sea level is only about 3.5 Feet. You can see how severe today’s flooding or acqua alta was. But as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” you can see for yourself.

The tide comes in slowly over a 3 hour period and goes out the same way. You can see here that the walkway was being used and then completely disappeared beneath the water at the entrance to San Marco Square.

San Marco Square Walk Way for High Water

Then within an hour…..

San Marco High Water October 29

You can see the basilica (San Marco Church_ behind the man with waders…talking on the phone.

Piazza San Marco,Venice,High Water

Walking is treacherous because of the uneven pavement and the steps which you can’t see.

San Marcuola Boat Stop Underwater High Water

Vaporetto traffic along the Grand Canal was stopped during the high tide as you simply couldn’t get to the boat stop. The ambulance is on the canal responding to a call.

Rio Cannaregio floods the entire fondamenta

The high water will recede, but there will be much work for home owners and store owners alike to sanitize the restaurants, walls, dry anything left below the water line and mop all the floors. Tourist enjoy this rare event, but locals grow wear with over 160 days in the past year when there was high water.

Resilient Venetians still need their coffee

Resilient Venetians and tourist still need their coffee.

Vendors in Venice High Water

Sitting in a cafe is a good way to pass the time until the tide goes out.

Shopping in Venice

A little high water never stopped a Venetian. You just need to be properly dressed. And never miss a sale of goods in your store, even if it is 5 inches deep in water. I have always been amazed that no one gets electrocuted during the high tides. Note the lights are still on in this pasticceria.

Buy your Boots Here Venice

The vendors are having a great day selling the tourist boots and umbrellas….

Boats in Venice,High Water,Venice

Ok, best solution, headed home in a boat.

And the sirens just went off again, warning of another high tide arriving in about an hour.







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