Venice Carnevale Through a Lens

Carnevale Venice

Carnevale 2017

Carnevale has just 2 days left and I have been making tons of pictures. But I never seem to get that one you see on Calendars or in the magazines. Now I know why.

Each morning at daybreak, those professional photographers and the evidently professional costumer wears are posing and shooting away in the best possible light. So this morning I joined them, actually I was a little late because I couldn’t resist a cappuccino and fritelle at DalMas on the way.

Carnevale Venice, Photographers and Models

Today I made shots of the photographers and the models. It must be something like fashion week with the number of paparazzi around (including me).

I feel a bit inferior with my Lumix and not having someone to pose the models. There are real photographers from every newspaper and press snapping away and from every angle.

As the crowds began arriving and the sun get higher in the sky, the perfect lighting disappeared as did the droves of paparazzi. And I had to run off to meet a bead maker. Maybe I will reconsider careers….next year!