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We have added BlogVenice Facebook so we can give you quick alerts to things going on in Venice, things that do not require a lengthy research. Say for example we know there is a strike (which there is on 6 July) of the vaporetto. That’s news if you are standing at the boat stop, don’t speak Italian and can’t understand why you are not going anywhere.

Or that there is a great exhibit coming up in September called Glass Week 10-17 September where you will have access to so many exhibits if you love glass.

Or you are standing in San Marco Square surrounded by thousands of Italians cheering athletes….well that would be because Reyer the team in Mestre (not Venice) won the Italian Championship…I won’t write a post on this because of so many political reasons. We can let it stand that I am simply not a fan of Brugnaro.

So follow us, lots of times it will be in Italian, but FaceBook does a reasonable job of translations, except when it is in dialect and even I have trouble with this.


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