Could you be a Venetian?

Could you be a Venetian?

Graduation Day San Marco Square 2014What would your average college do if the day of graduation, the location of the ceremony was filled with water and it was windy and raining? Think about it: Cancelled immediately, maybe the school would mail the diplomas but it is doubtful the show would go on.

But that is exactly what happens in Venice, wind, rain and high water do not stop anything (like we say about the US Postal Service). Watch as 1,039 graduates, their families and friends dressed in their stivali (boots). For the first time I see, Italians (who certainly do not live in Venice, as otherwise they would have several pair of boots in their closets) have purchased the “tourist” atrocious plastic bags that pass for boots.(They sell for about 14 Euro are generally one use – but as you can see necessary.)


Click for Video of Graduation in San Marco

Could you live in a city which regularly requires you to wade through water, abandon the ground floor of your house as a sacrifice to the Acqua Alta? Not to mention survive the hot, humid summers packed with tourist?

The Venetians can, and do and with actually little complaining!

San Marco Square, Venice Italy High Water

Watch Video of High Water San Marco


Video & Pictures courtesy of Il Gazettino

The boots are available in a variety of exceptionally bright colors, so as to be sure everyone knows you are a tourist!

PS Apology in advance if any of the ads before the video offend you. Generally you can skip them in 3 seconds!