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I began working in Venice in the early 90s. Through trial and error, learning Italian and the ways of the Venetian Merchants, we began importing Murano Glass to the US. Even after 2+ decades, I remain as in love with Venice and her people as the first visit.

Italian Style

Italian Style even goes to the Police where in Rome they have a Lamborghini

We all appreciate the Italian Style, from the runways of Milano the newest fashions arrive. They have given us Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani and the list goes on. These same designers are responsible for the uniforms of the Polizia (police)…

Venice in Miniature?

Venice in Miniature? A Mural fo Daniel Rosini

Save, the organization responsible for administration of the Marco Polo Airport commissioned photographer Daniel Rosini to produce (installed by Clear Channel) this 80 meter (250+ feet) mural of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge to Ca’ Rezzonico. It is…

Hello world!

We will be posting insights into Venice, lots and lots of pictures and gossip from around this small historic city. And suggesting ways to spend your precious time here – avoiding the Chinese trinkets and going for the real Murano…